Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Real BABY PHOTO? Couple Turns Down $3 Million Baby North West Photo Deal

"She's still just so little. She's not ever ready to be out in the world with germs and around people. As a mom your protective instinct comes in before anything else," she said when asked if she thought Kim and Kanye would reveal their daughter soon. "The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex, and Happiness," co-authored with Karen Hunter, is set to be released on Jan. 28, 2014.

It'd be perfect for Inception 2. Earlier this month, Kardashian and Kanye turned down a $3 million offer from an Australian magazine for an exclusive how to watch Kim Kardashian sex tape North West baby photo shoot. Turning down that kind of money for ridiculous publicity doesn't seem like a Kardashian move. According to sources close to Kim, Kanye has been adamant about baby North West not being America's baby. Kim's mom Kris Jenner reportedly wants to have baby North West guest on her new talk show. Sources close to Kim say she's torn between her mom and Kanye. While she respects Kanye's decision to keep North unexposed to the media, she knows having her new celeb baby on her mom's show would guarantee massive ratings.

Kim Kardashian Criticized for Tweeting About Trayvon Martin Case

Simpson score an acquittal for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. A lot of people also believe that justice wasn't served in that case. According to the Mirror , one of the tweets aimed at Kim read as follows: "Kim Kardashian tweets in support of Trayvon when her own father helped get OJ Simpson acquitted. This country is full of so many idiots." This isn't the first time that Kim has been called out for offering her opinion about a high-profile case. Twitter users were also quick to point out her father's connection to the controversial Simpson ruling when the reality show star decided to tweet about the 2011 Casey Anthony trial verdict.

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